38 Days to the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend! 79 Days to the Thursday before 4th of July’s long weekend! 107 Days to the Thursday before our Family Summer Vacation! I found this handy little app where I keep countdowns. As you can see I have a few going on, and some I didn’t mention. […]

Diet Tips…. Or Not….

I went surfing on the internet and came across “Tips to Losing Weight”. With it being a new year the market is saturated in quick weight loss ads: NutriSystem, Special K Challenge, Biggest Loser, SlimFast…… and lets not talk about the spam emails: Weight Watchers, Oprah Magazine, Whole Foods, eMeals….. OK those email spams are […]

Feelin’ Lazy

For months I have been preparing my food for the week. Along comes the one wknd that I don’t feel like it. I’m tired. I’m lazy. I want to just sleep wherever I plant my butt. I don’t feel like doing groceries and I sure don’t feel like cooking for a couple hours. Now here […]